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Data Dot Technology SA, a crime prevention partner with Crime Stoppers International. Data Dot Technology has a patented application process and is not just Data Dots but a complete asset protection and security system.


DataDots are tiny polyester particles that are inscribed with unique information. Each microdot is no larger than 1mm in diameter for vehicles and 0.5mm for assets. In motor vehicles, 10 000 of these microdots are applied, using a special adhesive. Several swabs containing a number of microdots in each swab are applied to assets. The information etched onto the microdots relates exclusively to the identity of your valuables. The water-based adhesive used has UV additives providing easy identification of sprayed or swabbed areas.

The microdots are sprayed onto a minimum of 67 sites within the vehicle, making it difficult for would-be thieves to alter the car’s identity. The sheer number of dots, both in overt (30%) and covert (70%) locations, effectively provides the vehicle with its own DNA. The dots are only legible under a low-powered microscope using a special UV light, making it difficult to determine exactly where they have been placed.

Website: www.datadot.co.za